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What questions to ask before you get lash extensions

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Not all lashes are created equally. Here's what you should be asking before you take that lash nap.

1. Where and when did you get your certification? It's so important to not only make sure the technician is licensed, but certified specifically in extensions. A technician is only as good as their education and length of practice!

2. What brand do you use? Ask if they use quality extensions and glue and if they also offer home-care products that will help with better retention. Remember that this is an investment and you want them to last long and look as good as possible! The technician should fully back up their product line and believe in it.

3. What should I do once I get home? If they tell you, “Nothing! These are maintenance-free!,” run away! A great Lash Artist will give you thorough instructions about what to do/not do when you get home and how to keep them clean and looking their best.

4. Can everyone get extensions? Unfortunately not everyone is a good candidate. Talk to your Lash Artist about your expectations, your natural eyelashes, lifestyle, and allergies. If you have severe allergies or your natural lashes are unhealthy or brittle, this service might not be for you. A trustworthy technician would never put you in a health-risk situation.

5. How much does it cost? There is a broad range for what extensions in your town cost and I believe it all comes down to skill level and quality. If you want cheap lashes, expect cheap workmanship and cheap extensions. You get what you pay for in this field. That brings me to my next question you should be asking.

6. How do you apply the extensions? This is a very important one and should be explained in full detail by the technician. Classic extensions should be applied one extension to one natural lash. If they are applying pre-made “knot-style” fans to multiple natural lashes with extension glue, this can cause damage to the follicles and cause your natural lashes to not grow back in healthy. Yikes! However, there are volume extensions made with handmade knot-free fans that are applied to one lash at a time - this is perfectly safe for healthy lashes. Just go back to question 1 and ask where they received their certification as this should be an additional expert level education class.

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