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5 Ways to Get Healthier, More Vibrant Skin

(P.S. they're all about cleansing 😉)

1. DON'T use just water. It's not enough, and yes we can tell the difference in your skin when that's all you use.

2. DO start with a cleanser to remove all makeup and pollutants from the day.

3. DO cleanse again! Either using the same cleanser, as instructed by your Esthetician, or an appropriate cleanser made specifically for your skin condition.

4. DON'T skip steps 2 & 3. It's easy to crawl in bed at the end of a long day or try to justify not cleansing if you didn't wear makeup that day... but trust us... if you want healthy skin it's necessary.

5. DO boost your cleansing routine by using a soft silicone cleansing tool like our favorite by BT Sonic. It's non-abrasive and great for all skin conditions!

*BONUS TIP* I'm the worst when it comes to wanting to wash my face before bed. Something about being exhausted from the day, the warm comfy sheets and the memory foam pillow, it calls out to me to skip it. But, I recently had someone share with me that they started implementing a routine that has majorly helped solve my little dilema. When I get home from work, before making dinner or doing anything else, I wash my face. Ta-da! So when I'm super tired at the end of the day and ready to go to bed, the last thing I have to think about is cleansing because it's already done!

Are you ready to start your clean skin journey?

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