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What's The Deal With Drug Store Brands?

OTC vs Professional skincare products. What's the difference and why does it matter?

Trust me, we've seen it all. From the clients that spend $5 on a face cleanser and wonder why nothing is working, to the ones that spend a hefty $95 on that special cream at the department store and it's still not working. Unfortunately when it comes to over-the-counter skincare products, there's not much difference between the ingredients of the $5 or $95 product. To understand why, let's go back to the basics of skincare regulations.

According to the FDA, over-the-counter products have to be safe enough for the general public to prescribe themselves and therefor cannot affect cellular change. ⭐ Let that sink in. ⭐ Isn't the reason we buy the product in the first place because we want to address and solve skin issues? That's where Professional lines step in. Higher quality ingredients and more potency means you need someone Licensed to prescribe it to you - and guess what else - we get to affect cellular change! 🙌 Who's ready for real change and better results?!⠀Schedule a skincare consultation or facial treatment with us today.

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